Being a kid and having a laugh

Being a kid and having a laugh

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Starting School

Ok litsen,first things first. I know most of you have already started middle school and i get it but some of you are just starting middle school so the first thing im going to say is don't act to grown up. Now I know most of you have started having crushes, trouble with parents or even puberty, but it does not mean that you HAVE to have a dating partner. You HAVE to have a rating on your popularity. You HAVE to have a BFF. These things might matter to you but at school its about school. Friends do matter im not saying they dont im just saying that your education matters more. So number one if you have a bad teacher it may be a problem so maybe you should stay out of there way. If you make a friend then thats great, just dont text them everyday asking to hang out, you will look desperate. Join a bunch of clubs, join clubs you like then you can meet people with the same intrests as you :) Also try to get your homework done. You dont want to give the teacher a reason to single you out. If you have extra curricular activities like piano or soccer than you need to find a time in your schedual to practice and for doing homework. You need to put it in your schedual NOT your parents. Its also great to have and agenda not only at school but at home it can help you remember things that you dont want to remember! Well thats all the time I have i will be back soon to give you more advice. And remember Tweens 4 Life!!!!!

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